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Chinese medicine oil massage

  • 1 h
  • 80 US dollars
  • Ogden Utah

Service Description

Ps: Chinese medicine oil massage includes deep tissue massage, point massage and Chinese meridian massage. Introduction(业务介绍) Therapeutic Massage Can help relieve the following symptoms (按摩可以帮助缓解以下症状): -Cervical hyperplasia, cervical spondylosis(颈椎增生,颈椎病) -Headache, migraine(头痛,偏头疼) -Periarthritis of shoulder(肩周炎) -Chronic back pain(慢性背痛) -Sciatica(坐骨神经痛) -Carpal tunnel syndrome(腕管综合症) -Carpal tunnel joint cyst(腕管关节囊肿) -Insommia Tinnitus(失眠,耳鸣) -Toothache facial trigeminal neuralgia(牙疼,面部三叉神经痛) -Gout, Rheumatism, Rheumatoid(痛风,风湿,类风湿) -Tendonitis(肌腱炎) -Heel pain, ankle sprain(脚跟疼痛,踝关节扭伤) -Stress, anxiety and muscle tension(压力,焦虑和肌肉紧张) -Cold, back pain(感冒,背疼) -Trigger finger, tenosynovitis(板机指,腱鞘炎)

Contact Details

  • 1257 30th Street, Ogden, UT, USA


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